Monday, May 15, 2017

Hamilton and Back

While Kyle was at the temple with the youth, the kids and I visited the Hamilton Botanic Gardens.  They were beautiful.  Although since it was fall, there were not a lot of flowers, it was green and beautiful.  The kids did a scavenger hunt type of things that kept them going through all the different types of gardens and there was a play ground at the end.  It was a fun morning.

On our way home from Hamilton we stopped twice.  Once to walk to Tawhai Falls in Tongariro National Park.  It was a great break in a long drive.  Bonus the weather was beautiful and allowed us to walk without jackets and see a gorgeous falls.

 Our second stop was at a super fun playground in Levin.  I think the kids would have stayed for hours if it was not getting dark and beginning to rain.

April Fun

Other than the temple trip, we spent the majority of the kids 2 week school holidays at home.  Here are some of the adventures we had.

 Easter is a big holiday here in New Zealand.  Everyone gets good Friday and Easter Sunday off and most stores are closed including grocery stores.  Many visit families and it is a bit like Thanksgiving.  We decided to have our own Thanksgiving type meal as a family.  It was fun.

  When the weather cooperated we did get out and hike to a waterfall just up the road from us.  The kids all complained when we left, but they all enjoyed themselves once we were there.

 Milla, Wendy's friend came for a play-date.  The girls all did make-up.  When the older two girls left, to prepare for the fashion show, Sabrina continued to put on the make-up what a beautiful face.  
Eric is showing off the bread ball he made.  Squishing bread can sure be fun.
 I got my hair cut short again this month.  I also dyed it a dark reddish brown with blond highlights.
Kyle always has kids climbing on him after scriptures, he is a good daddy.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I love to see the Temple

Kyle had a scheduled temple trip with the Youth over the school holidays, so we drove up as well.  We were able to stay in the housing on the temple grounds which was amazing.  Since it was our Stakes Temple Week, many members of our ward were also temple workers.  It was fun to see familiar faces and feel unified.  The temple is a great place to be.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Birthday, Hyrum!

 Hyrum had a birthday party on April 8th.  He wanted a Halloween Party so the kids invited were told they could dress up.  We then played some Halloween games, broke open a pinata, and enjoyed pizza and cake.  He was happy to have 2 birthdays.

 April 9th we woke up to an excited young man.  It was Conference Sunday, so we opened his gifts and then played with some of them as we watched a session of conference.
Hyrum is such a fun 6 year-old.  Having 2 older brothers makes him inclined to want to do what they can do.  He is a little climber and is always making up new 'tricks' of swinging from furniture, climbing in door frames, and doing twisty dance moves.  He is always active.  He also has a fun sense of humor and can find anything funny.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Crazy Kids

Kids can be crazy.  Eric has found that it is fun to take selfies and videos on my phone.  I have found some fun pieces waiting for me.

video  video

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Christchurch Botanic Gardens

 These 3 pictures are flowers found on our walk to the cruise in Akoroa, but I included them here with the Botanic Garden flowers.

 The Christchurch Botanic Gardens were gorgeous.  We went on Sunday afternoon, it was cold and wet, but with raincoats we survived and enjoyed the beauty surrounding us.